Appeal against a Parking Charge Notice (PCN)

If you wish to submit an appeal, you must do so, in writing or using our online appeal form, within 21 days of issue of the Parking Charge Notice (PCN).  

Please ensure your PCN appeal contains the following information or we will be unable to process it:

  • Your PCN number
  • Your name & full postal address including postcode
  • Your contact telephone number & email address if relevant
  • Your vehicle registration number
  • The date of the contravention
  • Any relevant evidence to support your PCN appeal

Your Appeal will be unsuccessful if you fail to provide us with all the above Information.  Appeals must be made in writing to the address shown on the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) or online via the Appeals Form.

PCN Appeal

Please clearly state your reason(s) for the appeal, and detail any other information you feel is relevant in support of your appeal. This must be done within 21 days of the date of the PCN issue date.  

Our PCN appeal department will respond to you in writing or by email within 28 days with a decision. If your appeal was made within the discount payment period i.e. (within 14 days of the PCN issue date), the opportunity to pay the reduced charge will be extended after a decision has been informed.

Appeal Online

In order to lodge an Online Appeal you must complete all relevant sections of the form below correctly and accurately. We will consider your appeal purely based upon the information you have submitted with this appeal form below.

Please ensure to provide all information accurately and correctly, failure to provide accurate information with your appeal will result in your appeal being rejected and render as invalid.

    First Name
    Last Name
    Your Email
    Parking Charge Notice Reference / Number
    Parking Charge Date
    Vehicle Registration Number
    Appeal Description:

    Please enclose any evidence that may be relevant to your claim.

    Upload Document :
    If you cannot attach supporting information using the "Add File" button below, then please send a written appeal by post (See above for information).

    Each file having a maximum file size of 1mb. Allowed file types are: .gif, .jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .docx

    I have read and accept the Privacy Statement

    We aim to provide a fair appeals service carried out by our experienced PCN appeal team. Our central appeal process uses photographic evidence, reports from our on-site operatives and your correspondence when dealing with any dispute. Once your appeal is received we will contact you within 28 days, should you wish to contact us about an appeal, you are advised not to do so until 28 days have passed.

    If a payment against a parking charge notice is made then the opportunity to appeal will be lost.

    If you wish to pay your parking charge notice (PCN), simply use the link below:

    Parking Charge Payment